Tell my story & help us stand out.

We’re yet to meet a business founder without a purposeful reason for starting in business and that isn’t likely to change. Your story is what makes you, the highs, the lows and everything in between. We’re here to learn first, and share this story with the world.

Standing out from the competition is tough work, and takes more than a fancy logo. Fuelled by your purpose, we’ll define an identity that resonates emotionally with your audience and reflects everything incredible about your business.

Is this for me?

We work with Founders, Leadership and Marketing Teams. 

If you’re in a business with huge potential but your brand and positioning is letting you down, then this is for you. We spend bucket loads of time up front, getting to know you, your business and researching your surrounding market to ensure we fully get you. Then we go to work crafting a brand story and identity that truly resonates.

Why would I need this?

  1. My brand is outdated and letting me down
  2. We know we believe in something, but we aren’t able to turn that into a customer message
  3. We need to stand out in a crowded market place
  4. I have a great service offering and fantastic people, but we can’t articulate that to our customers
  5. I want to become a ‘marketing led’ organisation but don’t know where to start
  6. Our competition are stealing market share
  7. We have a confusing service offering and need to simplify it so our customers ‘get us’
  8. There are inconsistencies in our marketing collateral

Client testimonial

“You have absolutely nailed our brand messaging, you totally get us. Well done, the wonderful Unearthed!"

Tara Waterman, Artifeks

Our typical process

Different horses for different courses, most projects are unique to the client. That being said, these are the typical steps we take!

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Leader interviews

Let's kick things off by spending quality time with your senior leadership team. We'll dive into some important questions about your organisation's purpose and where you see yourselves heading

Company survey

Next up, we'll send out a thoughtfully crafted survey to your entire team. This will help us gather a wealth of data and better understand the overall sentiment within the company


Once we've collected all the survey responses, it's time to start digging into the data. We'll analyse the themes and sentiment that emerge and see how well aligned your employees are with the leadership team

Messaging sprint

Now that we've got a good understanding of where things stand, we'll start crafting a first draft of your Purpose, Vision, Mission, and value proposition

Messaging workshop

It's time to get everyone back in the room and discuss our recommended messaging. We'll challenge what's been done and see where we can improve things

Revised messaging

Based on your feedback from the workshop, we'll refine the messaging and make sure it's truly aligned with your brand and goals


With your brand architecture signed off, we'll pull everything together into a brand book that can serve as a guide for any future marketing activities


It’s only now that we can start thinking about the look and feel of your brand identity. Everything we’ve done to this point will be used to influence our design and the next stage of the project