The BodyCentre
The BodyCentre

A refined user experience for leading car body centre, resulting in a staggering 1150% ROI in Month 1.

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The BodyCentre

The brief

The Bodycentre Ltd were in need of a revamped website; one that is not only visually appealing, but one that also converts.

Their existing site was generating little to no leads, and we both recognised that this was something that The Bodycentre needed to address. As a result, we were commissioned to completely redesign and replatform their main site, and design a sister site for their new company, TBC Detailing.

Brand Identity
Marketing Strategy
Social Media
New Website

Our approach

We stripped things back, and started with wire-framing The Bodycentre's new site to ensure we got the new user journey spot on. Everything we were designing was with conversion in mind, so we ensured that all journeys led to a call to action.

This was really brought to life when we applied the newly refined brand identity to the wireframes.

The impact

The impact? a really slick, visually appealing and highly converting site. So much so that the client was genuinely shocked by the amount of leads they were receiving through the website.

What's more, we managed to get them a return on investment in just the first month!

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Client testimonial

I honestly can't believe the amount of leads our new website is generating. It is insane!

Sam Elwin, The BodyCentre